How to sell to customers working from home

How to sell to customers working from home

sell to work from home customersSince 2020 has your marketing in real life come to a halt?

How do you sell to customers working from home? Reaching people when they are not in the office and out and about can be a challenge.

During the pandemic up to 40% of workers in Australia have been working from home. A high proportion of them plan to continue either full or part time.

There isn’t much information on marketing to people who are not in the office.
In the past 2 years, we’ve had to stop or limit:

  • networking events
  • face to face sales conversations
  • catching up over coffee
  • marketing at trade shows and events
  • delivering workshops or seminars to a room

Creating strong personal connections when you can’t meet in real life is tough.

Workers at home exist in a totally virtual world, staring at a screen all day. So they are looking for distraction and variation in their work experience. Many more businesses have shifted to an online only model, creating even more competition for attention onscreen.

Reaching your ideal client with something they can touch and feel could be a game changer. It makes a different and much stronger emotional connection, and oozes generosity and effort.

But how can you reach and impress your ideal customer in the real world?

Direct mail

Use Australia Post, courier (there are services such as Sendle which specialise in small parcels) or letterbox drop if your target audience is in a specific geographic area.

Of course, if you CAN present any of these in person, that’s gold!

One final thought: crack how you sell to customers who are working from home, and the same ideas also work like a dream if your ideal client lives in another city – or another state.