Welcome Packs: Surprise & Delight New Customers with a Wow Experience

Welcome Packs: Surprise & Delight New Customers with a Wow Experience

What happens when someone buys from your business for the first time?

Are you just relieved you’ve made another sale? Or do you do something extra to make buying from you a special experience for them?

Why use a Welcome Pack?

You work hard to achieve that first order. Why not make the most of all that effort? Turn your customers into repeat buyers and advocates for your business.

A thoughtfully curated Welcome Pack can reinforce your buyer’s purchasing decision, and make buyer’s remorse less likely. It can introduce the people who’ll be working with them, and the processes they’ll experience in the delivery of your product or service.

By surprising new customers with a gift that’s unexpected and generous, you’ll create a strong initial experience of your business. Your Welcome Pack can simply and effectively

  • Make them feel valued
  • Say thank you
  • Inform them about your product or service, so they have a successful experience
  • Turn them into a repeat buyer and raving fan

It’s an investment in an ongoing relationship, that shows appreciation and respect. And it costs much less to keep and existing customer than to win a new one.

Planning your Welcome Pack

Making a positive first impression doesn’t happen by accident. It needs a plan.

Your Welcome Pack should demonstrate your company’s key values and reflect your brand. It should also be appropriate for the price point of your product or service.

Don’t fill it with irrelevant or useless stuff that will go straight to the bin.

Physical gifts and information products have a special magic. Choose your contents carefully and you’ll create a story to share by word of mouth or on social media.

What should you include in your Welcome Pack?

Everything you include in your pack should be there for a reason, and be relevant to your product or service. Potential contents fall broadly into three categories. Regardless of any other inclusions, a Thank You letter or card with (at least) a genuinely handwritten signature is a must.


  • Booklet/Catalogue/Brochure/information card or sheet
    These should make the expectations of your product or service clear. They could include contact information with members of team and photos, frequently asked questions and solutions to common problems. The aim is to teach everything the customer needs to know to get the most from your product or service
  • Guarantee certificate
  • Business card/s

Enjoyment and Useful Gifts

  • Branded promotional products such as pens, notebooks or notepads
  • Food/wine/personal products

Introduction to further products and services

  • Free samples or trial/discount vouchers for additional relevant products or services in your range
  • Free samples or trial/discount vouchers for partner products or services
  • Referral card/voucher


Packaging is important, as it can seriously improve the impact of your pack. Consider a reusable or recyclable box or branded bag, possibly with ribbon.  Your presentation is almost as important as what’s inside, and should make your Welcome Pack feel like a beautifully presented gift

When to deliver your Welcome Pack

Some businesses prefer to present their packs on the spot, after the first consultation,  or at completion of the service delivery if it’s a one off first time purchase.

Product vendors could include their Welcome Pack with the first delivery.

Or for a bigger wow result, consider sending your Welcome Pack by Post or courier. The element of surprise is multiplied, and your pack is very likely to get the recipient talking to their friends.

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