6 Pandemic Marketing Tips You Don't Want To Miss

6 Pandemic Marketing Tips You Don't Want To Miss

Are you still marketing like it’s 2019?

There is no guidebook for pandemic marketing, but now is not the time to go dark.

People are consuming more content than ever. They are listening and looking – but might not be buying YET.

Everything you thought you knew about your customers may have been turned upside down. Do they have new needs or challenges? How can you help?

It’s time to pay it forward.

Now that we’ve Zoomed into each other’s living rooms, the way we relate will be different. More personal, more open. Thoughtfulness, generosity and empathy are more important than ever – and will be valued.

Here are my top 6 pandemic marketing suggestions :

1. Audit your current messages

People are hungry for information and are making new decisions in an unusual environment.

  • What information can you provide? How can you help them implement?
  • Review your content – images, language and tone, so they are sensitive to the current situation of the viewer/reader.
  • Prioritize listening – what they valued in 2019 is almost certainly different now

2. Love your loyal customers

They have never been so important

  • Why not call or check in personally by email?
  • Mail a care package, book or something thoughtful?
  • New leads are harder to convince in a downturn, so nurture the people who’ve already trusted you.

3. Reassess your product offering

Your customer’s priorities have probably changed.

  • What worked before might not work now.
  • Previous failures may be exactly what’s required today.
  • Mindsets have changed. People are open to new ideas, and receptive to doing things differently.
  • There’s never been a better time to trial something new. People are open to beta versions. Here’s our new product:
    Virtual Event Kit. Bring in-person magic to your online event

4. Be responsive and flexible

If you’re asked to do something you’ve never done before…. could you?
Might that be a way to bring in a whole new group of potential buyers?

5. Pay it forward

  • Be generous.
  • Play the long game.
  • The quick sale mentality is over. Time frames have changed, and hard sells land like a lead balloon. Your task is to provide value without pressure.

6. Show proof

When people are uncertain and budgets are tight, confidence is king.
Reviews, testimonials, case studies and referrals are today’s currency.

There are many things which are out of our control. Your message and your products are not.