Community Support and Sponsorships

Community Support

Seven Women

Minuteman Press Prahran is proud to be the print sponsor for Seven Women, a social enterprise empowering marginalised and disabled women in Nepal. Seven Women was established by Australian Stephanie Woollard in 2007. It began as a grass roots development project to create change for seven women, who were found operating out of a tin shed and enduring harsh discrimination as a result of being disabled. The Seven Women team has now established four centres in Nepal (two in Kathmandu and two village projects) which have trained and employed over 900 women.

Seven Women products are all carefully handcrafted to Fair Trade standards. All proceeds from product sales are sent back to Nepal to fund skills training for disadvantaged women, to help them create a sustainable future.

Rotary Southbank

We’re also a proud supporter, supplier and long term member of the Rotary Club of Southbank. Rotary has an active commitment to service through its volunteer members, delivering innovative and enterprising projects addressing social and business issues in the local and international community. It’s part of a global network of like-minded people who work to make a difference through service.

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