Every piece of business stationery is a communication tool, and an opportunity to reinforce your brand and business message.


Although we live in an age of digital information and communication, most businesses still use stationery in one form or another.

The quality of your stationery printing, the design and chosen paper says a lot about your brand and how your want to be perceived in your industry.

Are you the leader or just another cheap competitor?

Essential Business Stationery and Print Materials Include:

Key Considerations:

  • Does your business stationery have a consistent look and feel?
  • Do you and your team feel confident when giving your material to potential clients?
  • Is your design and stock establishing you as the trusted leader in your field?
  • Are your company forms easy to use for your team and customers?
  • Do they integrate well with your online systems?

Is your business stationery helping your business to grow or do you need a brand refresh to get your stationery and team on the same page?

Stationery That Sells

Stationery doesn’t have to be just functional – chances are it will be read (especially if it’s an invoice!) so why not get maximum value from the opportunity?

You could add

  • Tag lines or slogans
  • Special offers
  • Breakouts with relevant information for your customers

Every contact with a prospect or customer is an opportunity to educate or encourage action – so don’t miss out.

What others did with BUSINESS STATIONERY


    Commercial Printers Melbourne

    I started out with a standard business card – because after all, business cards
    are just one of those things you have to have so there’s no need to invest much time or money in them, is there?

    Funnily enough, people would look at my card, and I could almost see them wiping me out of their minds and off their list of people to do business with. Then I heard Vivienne Kane of Minuteman Press talk about the power of business cards, and she showed me a business card I loved, and connected me with a designer. I took the plunge and invested in new cards.

    The difference it made to my business was phenomenal and immediate! Suddenly, I became memorable, and I started to get calls from people who said, “Jenny showed me your card, I’d like to work with you.”

    My business cards generated 3-4 times the cost of design and printing them in just a few months of use. I’ve lost track of what they’ve done for me over the past 3 years. Never underestimate the power of your business card to generate new leads for your business. If your cards are not generating a response maybe it’s time to look at designing ones that will.

    Debra Hilton

    Hilton Copywriting

    Debra Hilton,
    Hilton Copywriting

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