QR Codes and Print Marketing

QR Codes and Print Marketing

Linking print to the online world

In today’s unpredictable and constantly changing market conditions, many small businesses are searching for innovative ways to connect with their customers.

QR codes can bridge the gap between the online and the real world. They make your print advertising and marketing a more interactive and interesting experience.

Those little square codes are a simple and effective way to relay a variety of messages to your customers. Use them to play videos, make offers, send discounts, provide business information and connect to your social media.

Real life examples of QR codes in action

Business Card – QR code links to enthusiastic reviews
Postcard – QR code links to a special offer landing page
Point of Sale Poster – QR code links to product information and demonstrations
Direct mail letter – QR code links to donations page
Takeaway menu – QR code links to takeaway online order page
Product information booklet – QR code links to how-to video with installation instructions

Use intrigue to motivate the reader to scan the QR code. Build curiosity and anticipation in your printed call to action

QR technology is now familiar to everyone

Create your code through one of the many free apps out there. Check out the apps below. All have free options and paid subscriptions.






There are also Dynamic QR codes. They allow you to change the destination and information presented to the reader when scanning your code. These are generally not free, but the small additional investment may be well worth it.

What can QR codes achieve for your business?

  1. Provide more information to readers without wasting space and creating unnecessary paper waste.
  2. Allow you to track responses to print marketing by providing analytics
  3. Provide low cost additional engagement with readers
  4. Boost your social media following, allowing more engagement and relationship building
  5. Facilitate easy updates to business information. New opening hours, new products, new events. Simply add a QR code to your postcards, banners or other marketing materials to get your message across in the click of a button.

QR provide simple information, such as how many people scanned your code. And more detailed data such as the geographic location, date, time and what device was used.

It’s also possible to customise the information you collect when the QR code is scanned. You can request email or physical address or phone number. These can then be used for further nurturing and targeted marketing. For example, if your data shows a large number of scans in a particular location, you could make them a special discount offer by email.

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