Graphic Design

Great design makes print messages work

Effective design is an essential ingredient for success when you communicate in print. Well-designed print communications will reflect your company values, differentiate you from your competition, and clearly and concisely communicate your business message. Minuteman Press’ graphic designers are skilled and experience in design for print. They will work with you to create print products that look brilliant, attract attention and communicate clearly with the reader.

Are your print materials telling your business story?

Before you go any further with planning new print materials, do
a quick review of what you currently have. Our brains take 85% of
information through our eyes. What the customer sees matters!

Is your branding consistent across your promotional material, business cards and stationery? Or does each item look slightly different from the others?

Do your printed materials match the branding on your website and social media?

Is the main message about your business clear and compelling on everything you print? Or do people sometimes say “I didn’t realise that’s what you did”?

Does your logo say anything meaningful about your business? Is it,making the right impression with the people you want to buy?

Consistent visual branding across all your online and print communications will help customers to identify you, and project a professional image. That’s why most successful businesses, even small enterprises, pay attention to their visual brand.

Is your print information current?

Are you using labels or handwritten corrections to cover up inaccuracies? Worse still are you using collateral with incorrect or out of date information? Do you regularly review the content of your print materials?

If you’re guilty of using poorly branded or superseded print materials, is that a considered choice – or something you’ve just let slide? A small investment in graphic design could successfully refresh. Or you might decide to start from scratch with a whole new look. What matters is that when you spend on print it works for your business, helping people to buy.

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