Do your customers REALLY know what you do?

Do your customers REALLY know what you do?

“I didn’t know you did that”

How often do you hear that from a customer?

Sharing information regularly is vital. Not doing so is a common business mistake.

It’s easy to assume people know what your business does, especially if they’re already a customer. It’s also dangerous, because it risks missing a sale from someone who already trusts you.

If you think that might be happening in your business, ask yourself this.

Are you forgetting to tell people about all the (relevant) products and services you offer?

Or are you leaving it to them to work it out?

Often people don’t know what they need or want until they see it.

This is particularly important when you add a new product or service. It’s an ideal reason to get in touch.

Educate, educate, educate

Fixing the problem starts with making it easy to find out what you do.

Information needs to be distributed regularly, often, and using as many different communication methods as possible. That improves the chance that the right message about the right product will be received at the right time.

Send clear, consistent messages, whatever method you choose:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Email
  • Invoices
  • Point of sale/waiting room
  • Direct mail letters, catalogues, brochures or postcards
  • Phone messages
  • Site and/or vehicle signage
  • Information packed with product

Listen, listen, listen

As well as sharing information, active listening really helps. Train your team to ask questions, understand your customer’s needs, and then identify opportunities to offer appropriate additional products and services. If you’re genuinely meeting a need this won’t be seen as pushy sales tactics – rather it will be appreciated as helpfulness.

We like to walk the talk

so here are two Minuteman Press Prahran product ranges you might not know about:

The Trends Collection is an extensive, high quality range of branded promotional products. It features all the usual popular (for a reason!) products including branded pens, notepads, notebooks, drink ware and bags. There are also a raft of more left field products such as yoga mats, sports towels, earbuds, reusable food wraps and picnic blankets and much more.

Our custom made CalendarPrint range features branded wall and desk calendars. Ideal for promotional gifts or as fundraisers, they’re designed and printed right here at our Prahran office.

What useful product could you promote to your customers this week?

Or will you forget to mention it?