Postcards are cheap and they work. Surprise!

Postcards are cheap and they work. Surprise!

Postcards are cheap and they work. They’re a very affordable way to promote your business, and they’re easy to implement.

If your business is exclusively digital (it sells and delivers product exclusively online) you might not read much further.

Or if you’re still with me, I’m glad I’ve piqued your interest!

Because there are so many ways your business could easily use postcards to grow sales.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Getting noticed postcards

  • Direct mail – addressed to targeted list or as unaddressed mail to nominated postcode/s
  • Local area letterbox drop
  • Events – special offers for trade shows, conferences, speaking engagements
  • Networking – to explain your point of difference or process
  • Menu of products or services
  • Point of sale –  handy hints that relate to your customers’ problems

Maintaining interest postcards

  • Addressed mail to warm prospects

Ready to Buy postcards

  • Infographics – excellent for service businesses to explain your service delivery process
  • Checklists of problems and your solutions to open up discussion

Welcome new customer postcards

Reasons to buy again and tell friends postcards

  • Gift vouchers
  • Product menu cards
  • Special offers

Why use postcards in preference to other printed products?

Postcard basics – Advantages

  • Inexpensive to design and print
  • Design scope simpler than brochures or booklets, so quicker and less costly to initiate
  • Cheap to mail
  • Versatile – they work at every stage of the sales process
  • No envelope required – or you can use an envelope and add an element of surprise. Or even better, use a coloured envelope.

Postcard basics – Design

  • Imagery is vital, but you don’t need many pictures
  • Message – keep it simple and straightforward – too much text will lose the reader’s attention
  • Call to action – a must have on every postcard. Tell the reader what to do next.
  • Branding – tie together with other products and marketing communications

Postcard basics – Printing

  • Size/shape – A6, DL. A5, square, narrow, bookmark are popular options, but talk to your print supplier if you’d like something left of field
  • Stock – common options are 300gsm and 350gsm
  • Finish – coated or uncoated, matt or gloss laminate, specialty finishes such as spot UV or foil

Postcard basics – Distribution

  • Hand out – yourself or via happy customers or referral partners
  • Mail – unaddressed
  • Mail – addressed
  • Mail – personalized via addressed mail
  • Letterbox drop
  • Point of sale – own
  • Point of sale – referral partners
  • Insert with physical product
  • Include in a welcome pack

Postcards are cheap and they work. Find out how to use them to grow your business.
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