4 Essential Face to Face Pitching Tips

4 Essential Face to Face Pitching Tips

Savvy business owners pay a great deal of attention to how they look. Visual branding makes a big difference to the first impression you make with a prospect. But it’s not just about clever logos and interesting design.

What you say – either in print or when you pitch your business face to face – is often even more important.

Here are our 4 top tips for pitching in person.

Keep them in mind when you prepare for your next event – Networking function, Business Breakfast, Conference, Trade Show, Speaking Gig or Sales Meeting.

Clear and Concise Pitch

Your pitch should be detailed enough to intrigue the listener, but leave them wanting to know more.

  • Who is your product for?
  • What is their problem?
  • How does your product or service solve the problem?
  • What is the result you deliver?

If you’d like some more ideas on creating a pitch structure that really works, listen here:


Before you deliver your pitch to any real prospects, try it out with colleagues, family and friends. Ask for honest feedback. Encourage them to ask questions. If your pitch uses jargon or spin that doesn’t make sense, testing it out should help to eliminate anything that’s unclear. Plain, direct language will always get better results.

Practice Practice Practice

Once you’ve refined your pitch, practice it until it feels very comfortable. Practice will make you more confident, relaxed and convincing. But you don’t need to be pitch perfect. The best way to create a really great pitch is to try it out in the real world.

You have a great product. Show it

It’s not just the words that count. It’s how you deliver them.

  • Make eye contact
  • Speak with enthusiasm
  • Don’t rush. Taking your time and using appropriate pauses will allow the listener to process what you’re saying

As Glen Carlson from Dent Global says

You get what you pitch for. And you’re always pitching

And once you’ve refined your pitch, use it on your printed marketing materials too.