Printed Instructions: Reduce Buyer Remorse

Printed Instructions: Reduce Buyer Remorse

Take this simple step to give customers maximum value

I’m going to assume the aim of your business is to create happy, satisfied customers – as quickly as possible. I’m also assuming you have a great product or service. And that you work hard to make sales.

You want every new customer to get the “I made a great decision when I bought this” moment as soon as possible.

Great sales programs keep working after the customer buys. Aim to give your customers a stress free, straightforward experience. They need to know exactly what to do, how to do it, what results to expect and when.

That means selling to them next time will be so much easier. Remember, finding new customers is 6-7 times more expensive than keeping the ones you have.

New customers don’t always know what to do. So tell them!

Most people haven’t time for complex instructions that are difficult to access, so keep it simple.

Your onboarding could include digital resources

  • A series of short emails
  • Instructional videos
  • Links to FAQs and relevant posts on your website

Attention spans are short and getting shorter, so sometimes printed instructions are more effective

They’re tangible, permanent and easily shared. Think

Any printed instructions can also include website and video links, so you could share your most important information in print, with digital backup.

Your instructions should explain the essential next steps to use your product or service effectively, to avoid disappointment. And they may include tips on how to get a better than average result. Or how to use the product in a new or interesting way.

Look outside your industry for ideas

I found all of these in 5 minutes at our place.

  • Product label on a punnet of herbs
  • Instruction booklet for a SmartTV
  • Recipe book for a BBQ and and an icecream maker
  • Manual for an apartment car stacker
  • Pasta packaging with recipes
  • Printed instruction sheet in a box of medications

Providing clear, easy to follow printed instructions and suggestions has many upsides

  • Avoids unnecessary problems
  • Reduces customer anxiety
  • Lowers demand on customer support
  • Improves chances of further sales
  • Increases likelihood of recommendations.

How could you improve the printed instructions in your business –
so every customer’s first experience is seamless?

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