10 Clever and Affordable Business Card Styles

10 Clever and Affordable Business Card Styles

Is your business card a dead piece of paper?

Most business cards are thrown out almost immediately because they have one or more fatal faults

  • Boring, vanilla design
  • Layout or font that’s hard to read
  • No interesting or surprising content
  • unnecessary images or text

Your business card should sell your business without you doing any talking. It can’t ensure business success, but it could be your first point of difference.

Design so your cards are kept  – and remembered

A great business card can make a lasting statement about your brand and what you have to offer. The look and feel should reflect your business personality, and be consistent with all your marketing messages, including your website, social media, and other printed communications.

Style wise it could be a conversation starter.

On a practical level, the layout should be clear, functional, easy to read, and fit in a standard wallet or purse.

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10 affordable business card designs that think outside the box.

Whether you need a business card with impact for networking, sales meetings, presentations or to give to strategic partners, use the examples below for inspiration. None of them are budget breakers, even for a small business or startup.

1. Die Cut Shape

Die Cut Shape

2. Foiling

3. Call To Action

4. Modern Head Shot

5. Multi-fold Mini Brochure

6. Multilayered

7. Tangible Spot UV (Scodix)

8. Round Corner

9. Narrow Format

10. Single Fold