5 Must Haves for a Brochure that Drives Profits

5 Must Haves for a Brochure that Drives Profits

Brochures cost money.

If they don’t result in more leads and more sales they are just a business cost, without a benefit.

How can you create brochures and flyers that make buying from your business irresistible?

Before you do any detailed work on content, or consider the print format of your brochure, there are 5 vital questions you need to answer.

Once you’ve nutted these out, the message and imagery of your brochure will take shape much more easily. It will also help you make a good decision on  brochure style.


What product or service is this brochure selling?
It’s fine for a brochure to introduce your business generally, but it should either

  • focus on a particular product or service
  • promote a package of products or services to a particular target audience.

If you’re trying to sell everything to everyone you probably won’t!

Ideal reader

Who is your message for?
Understand who you are talking to, and present your information in a way that’s appealing and relevant to them in particular.

Compelling message

What is the customer’s pain point and what is your solution?

Next step

What do you want the reader to do next?
Every brochure should include a Call to Action which encourages the reader to take the next step towards buying –
call us, go to our website, email, visit our bricks and mortar location.

Delivery plan

How and where will they receive the brochure?

  • Point of Sale
  • During sales meetings
  • Direct Mail
  • Trade Shows and Events
  • Distributed or displayed by referral partners
  • As giveaways with presentations
  • As part of a new customer Welcome Pack

You’ll need to consider this when choosing the format, size (and possibly weight if using post) of your brochure.

How a Telstra Business of the Year 2018 finalist does brochures

Here’s a brochure we made earlier which is helping to drive sales for a Telstra Business of the Year 2018 finalist.

Crystal Clear Ears specialise in micro-suction ear cleaning.

Their How do I Clean My Ears?  brochure has been distributed in the thousands over several years, through their clinics, referring health professionals, at presentations and events.

This brochure has evolved through several versions, and now presents a defined problem (how do I clean my ears when I have excessive wax?), a safe and effective solution (micro-suction ear cleaning), and information on how and why to contact Crystal Clear for this service. Their business has grown from zero to 11 locations in 10 years through a strong, consistent and diverse marketing program. The brochure is a vital element of that system.


Before you send your next brochure to print, check your 5 Must Haves and ask yourself

Is this brochure on my sales team?