Could this retro marketing tool work for your business?

Could this retro marketing tool work for your business?

Catalogues are like window shopping – people enjoy looking through them, even if they’re not looking to buy right now.

While online catalogue information might be great for people searching for specific products or services, printed catalogues are much better for browsing.

Statistics Show That Marketing Through Catalogues Works

Survey after survey has found that catalogues are successful marketing tools – that’s why they are still around. 62% of surveyed Australians consider print catalogues the most effective form of advertising, followed by TV advertising and press advertising

Australians get about 13 pieces of letterbox advertising a week. Australia Post found that 83% of people brought letterbox advertising in with their personal mail and 45% read the advertising material as soon as they got it. Another 43% read it later in the evening when relaxing.

The average Australian spends 30 minutes a week reading print catalogues. Research shows that 60% of catalogue readers visit the online store after reading a print catalogue

Browse Offline, Order Online

While years ago people would place orders directly from a catalogue, that’s not normally the way it works now. People will generally browse through a physical catalogue, then place an order online or in person.

Large catalogues, especially B2B ones, and even some B2C ones (like Ikea’s) are kept for years, and reinforce brand loyalty. Other catalogues can be a product in themselves. Children all over the world take Lego catalogues to bed to look at and dream about their next project. Those Lego catalogues help to build a brand loyalty of which most companies only dream.

One of the reasons that print catalogues have had a resurgence in the last few years is that newer printing and ordering technologies make it much easier to have many different versions of a print catalogue over a short period of time.

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