6 Secrets to Profitable Trade Show Exhibiting

6 Secrets to Profitable Trade Show Exhibiting

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, you know how expensive it is to have even a small presence. So it’s important to plan ahead to get the best return on your investment.

Trade shows can be an excellent way to get your brand, products, and services in direct touch with your ideal clients. However, success doesn’t come by accident. You need a clear show strategy, good preparation, and the right tools to get solid, lasting results

Pick the right Trade Show

Does the audience for this show have the sort of problems your product or service can solve? Or desires you can fulfil?  Careful show selection will ensure that right number and type of visitors are at your show.

Dress Your Stand to Impress

Whether you have a generous exhibiting budget or you’re setting up on the smell of an oily rag, your stand must attract and engage visitors for long enough that they understand what you offer, and remember it. What will you do to stand out, draw a crowd and make a memorable impression? If your budget is limited, PullUp Banners and Posters are cost-effective, portable and reusable.

Pack business cards by the truckload

Whether you’re exhibiting or just attending, it’s worth taking good quality printed materials to share with others. Not having the right information available can mean a wasted business opportunity.

Pack many more business cards than you think you’ll need. They’re small, they don’t weight much and don’t take up too much space. People who stop at your stand may not want your product, brochure or sample right away, but you can invite them to exchange cards. Better still, why not hold a competition, with your visitor’s business card as the entry price? This will ensure your trade show participation will build your database, and give you warm leads to follow up after the show.

Entice them to your website with print

If you have a number of different products or services, you might get really smart and have a different business card for each type of client, with a clear link to a directly relevant page of your website. You can also apply this concept to your information sheets and brochures. Far better for a visitor to take away a business card and brochure that’s directly speaking to their pain points and needs than a generic piece that doesn’t really connect at all.

The (visual) elevator pitch

Most business owners and sales people recognise the value of a well-honed elevator pitch. You’ll probably have less than 30 seconds to sell your product or idea at a trade show. Team preparation is important. The ability to have a productive conversation that grasps the visitor’s key problems and explains your solution quickly and persuasively doesn’t happen by accident.

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