Waiting on Referrals or Actively Growing?

Waiting on Referrals or Actively Growing?

Once upon a time the marketing world was simple, TV, Radio, Print, that was it. Three options and very few stations to choose from, life was easy for business owners who wanted to grow their business.

If you knew how to construct a real benefit-driven message that tapped into the consumers wants and needs you would get the leads and clients you desired.

Minuteman Press is diving deeper into the full spectrum of today’s marketing world and our turnover is already up nearly 20% this year and growing.

You could stick with standard rates of growth, or you can add a zero to your current targets and step into exponential thinking to take your business and life to the next level in 2016.

In this edition of Minuteman Press Talk, we explore what we are doing to grow our business and how you can expand yours.


Multi-Channel Marketing:

Most companies, the majority of your competitors and possibly your own business are passive in their approach to client acquisition. It is all too common to hear small businesses say “we don’t even advertise, everything comes via word of mouth.”

If you are Facebook this works because of a marketing strategy called viral loops. If you are a more traditional product or service business, you are losing more opportunities than you can imagine.


The truth is if you are waiting on referrals your business is probably not predictable, and you don’t know how to turn the tap on and create real growth and stability.

Deploying a multi-channel marketing strategy sets the odds in your favour. Each channel complements the other, increasing the chances that new leads will flow in consistently.


Digital, Social & Traditional:

Digital Marketing gives us the ability to track and measure results in real time. The insights we gain here help us to improve all our other channels.

Digital can include your website, Google & Facebook paid ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Video marketing and more.


Social Media Marketing allows us to speak directly to those interested in our products or services. It takes the old passive word of mouth strategies and helps turn them into an active word of mouth campaign.

We no longer have to wait until we catch up with friends at a BBQ to get recommendations, we can get them instantly via social media. Social media channels also allow for easy sharing of the content we create to help our target audience.


Traditional Marketing still works.  AMI was able to use radio & billboards to generate $63 Million in revenue through a brilliant campaign. The key here is to ensure you are speaking directly to your target market.

We utilise direct mail, postcards and printed offerings to open conversations with potential customers while at the same time showcasing what we can do for them.

Whatever business you are in, having multiple marketing channels will create consistent, predicable revenue and profit.


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