3 Tips For Creating An Effective Booklet To Grow Your Business

3 Tips For Creating An Effective Booklet To Grow Your Business

Growing your business is easy when you know how, but if you are a business owner and not a marketing expert, creating effective marketing materials can be a daunting task.

As the majority of our clients are in fact business owners, in this edition of Minuteman Press Talk we explore the benefits of outsourcing to experts,  and show how we can give you a competitive advantage in creating booklets that will help grow your business.

Regardless of what line of business you are in, we hope these top 3 tips will benefit you:


1. Paper Quality and Style:

The quality and style of the stock (paper) you choose to print on speaks to the perceived quality of your brand and product, along with the professionalism of your service and business.

Reinforcement of the feeling of quality, without words, is achieved by choosing better quality materials.

Just as you can feel the quality difference between an aluminium Apple Macbook and another brand of plastic laptop, the quality of the paper you choose to print on will be factored in by potential clients.

This is especially true when your booklet, brochure or flyer is compared side by side with a competitor.

When using a better quality stock, you are likely to hear clients say “We chose your business over the competitor because you just “felt” like the right choice”.

As human beings, we are driven by emotions. The decisions we make are ultimately guided by intuition or gut instinct and then backed up with logic.


2. Start With Why:

Creation of excellent materials must begin with your customers “Why?”

The more you know your customers wants, desires and needs, the greater your ability to speak directly to their real reason they are likely to choose you.

Write your material as if you are talking directly to one person, a person you know well, your ultimate client, the one whose pain point you and your team are experts at solving.



When you align your goals with your customers, you become the obvious choice.


“Booklets are the ultimate distraction-free tool for any business.”


3. Get Professional Advice:

As printers, we see all shapes and sizes of booklets, brochures and flyers. We are always amazed at how many booklets still look like they were created in the 80’s, 90’s or early 2000’s. We are now in 2016 and the mobile world has profoundly influenced design.

To address this issue and help customers take the leap forward into 2016,  our in-house designer can help you transform your booklets into outcome driven materials that resonate with your clients.


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