Digital v Print Marketing

Digital v Print Marketing

What’s Better, Digital or Print?

It is a question that pops up on a regular basis and with so many marketing channels available to potentially grow our businesses with, how do we know where to begin?

With all marketing, including print materials, we are looking for a return on investment, that is, to bring in more in sales than it cost us to acquire the sale or client in the first place.

In this edition of Minuteman Press Talk, we explore the different media and how to best use them to your advantage.


Lead Generation:

Lead generation in both print and digital all comes down to the quality of the offer. Once you have an offer that works you will want to share that with as many of your potential clients as you can.

Once you fully comprehend getting your offer into as many hands as possible, you quickly realise that it was never about print OR digital. From here we come to the realisation that the two marketing media complement each other and that we should be doing both.


Print Marketing:

We’ve mentioned before about the value of a targeted postcard mail out for bringing in high-quality new leads. Postcards are still one of the most effective offline marketing strategies we have available today.

If you supply services direct to the business or home a timely offer can have your phone ringing with hot prospects. Friends of ours have used several such offers in the last six months for things around their home such as gutter and window cleaning, gas heater and evaporative cooler servicing.


Digital Marketing:

Google and Facebook Advertising offer significant lead generation capabilities, and when managed well can produce brilliant results. However, many find the moving landscape of Google and Facebook frustrating, and it can be challenging to keep abreast of all the updates and changes.


Nurturing, Educating & Motivating Prospects:

You’ve captured a new lead; now you need to get them to purchase your product or service. The statistics tell us that 3% are ready to buy right now, with a bit of sales flair we can bring forward another 5% to purchase earlier than they were intending.

With 8% having purchased, what do we do about the other 92%?

Most businesses, your competitors included, do absolutely nothing.

Everyone is chasing the next sale, saying “we just need more leads.” Truth is the real gold mine is in the database and the leads you haven’t yet converted.

What we need to understand is that majority of the 92% will purchase the product or service they enquired about in the next three to eighteen months.

If you convert only another 8% into customers, you have doubled your business! At the same time, you halve your cost of acquisition which increases your ROI.



Email is the most common medium used to keep in touch with clients and prospects. Deliver content that is of value to your customers and prospects, something they can use to further their business or life.

That’s our goal here with Minuteman Press Talk, because we hear direct from our clients what’s working, across a wide range of business niches, I came to realise that we had a wealth of information and insights to share.



Timely brochures, flyerspostcards and more give you an opportunity to stay top of mind. The beauty of a physical book or booklet is that your prospect can refer to it again and again.

A friend of mine has a custom luxury new home book on their coffee table at home. With a few minutes of downtime and a cuppa he sits down and casually flips through the book mentally designing his new home.

Print marketing is a tangible medium we can touch and feel. When well crafted, print materials can transcend their physical form creating a feeling of connection with a brand or business, becoming far more that just a marketing piece for your business.

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