Is the top of your sales funnel a black hole?

Is the top of your sales funnel a black hole?

Sometimes – or most of the time?

Many small business struggle to deliver their service consistently, and at the same time continue generating more leads and nurturing repeat business.

It’s so easy to get embroiled in your business, making sure customers are happy. But forgetting about marketing until the flow of work dries up. Marketing is an always thing – it’s consistency that generates results, whether it’s online or in the real world.

What could you do consistently (every day or every week), even when you’re busy in your business, to keep engaging with your target audience?

Ask yourself

  • How many prospects do we contact directly every week – by phone or email or post.

Could we do more?

  • Why not set a target and track your results? How often do we add new material to our website?
  • Could we post something useful and relevant to our audience once a week?
  • Google loves regular new content
  • How do we thank the customers who are buying from us already?
  • Could we send a batch of thank you cards once a week?
  • What are we doing to get attention at our point of sale?
  • Are we using brochures, information sheets or posters to educate our prospects when they’re inside – or signage or posters to get them to come in?

Start small – do one thing regularly… and then do another… and another.

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