Drive better sales conversations with printed checklists

Drive better sales conversations with printed checklists

Does your business have a downloadable checklist as a free gift for prospects, or a printed checklist to help drive better sales conversations? If you don’t, why on earth would you?

In the past week, I’ve had conversations with 3 successful business owners who all use checklists either in telephone or face to face meetings. They all find it helps them to zero in on the prospect or client’s needs and expectations very quickly and efficiently – and in a way that allows them to demonstrate the value can they add. This means they are less likely to end up competing on price.

How does it work?

Create a list of activities or attributes that relate to the service you provide. The Minuteman Press checklist details all the print marketing products.

Our checklist details all the print marketing products a small business could use to communicate to customers and prospects. It helps us to quickly get a picture of how the business finds leads and grows sales, and where their print marketing fits in that spectrum. We can then assist more effectively to choose the right print products, and make suggestions if there are gaps in their coordination with online marketing, or if their copywriting or design need a boost.

It means there’s a much better chance of developing a coordinated – and effective –marketing plan.

And if our customers need more printing because it’s making them lots more money, that has to be a win-win!

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