Your hot prospect finally agrees to meet you – what do you do next?

Your hot prospect finally agrees to meet you – what do you do next?

Let’s assume your business markets across several channels, both online and offline. And you follow up individually and consistently on all of your leads.Eventually if you’ve lined the ducks up correctly, it will happen. You leave a message – and he calls back. He’d like to meet with you. He thinks you might be able to help.What do you do now?

After all that hard work, are you well prepared to have a sales conversation that ends with an order?

Have you

  • Researched his company so that you understand what they do – and what their pain points might be?
  • Thought through how your solution might address their needs? Don’t be rigid here – the sales conversation could unearth something you’d never thought of, but going in with as many tools in your kitbag as possible is a good idea
  • Developed a marketing kit that can guide the solution end of the conversation – to powerfully demonstrate why your offering is superior?

Your marketing kit could contain

  • Sales Brochure
  • Guidebook/tip sheets
  • Case Studies – and samples if you deliver a physical product
  • Your business card
  • Order form (very important!)

Put these into a branded presentation folder, and you instantly project as a professional and serious player

Tangible marketing materials connect emotionally on a very different level – and could be the x factor that gets a signature on your order form

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