This man built a business from scratch with direct mail. Could you?

This man built a business from scratch with direct mail. Could you?

Joe Cimino, Principal of First National City Residential Real Estate, is a direct mail marketing champion.

Joe started City Residential almost 6 years ago, after a lifetime working in and owning suburban estate agencies. He has built a multi award winning business entirely from the results of owner addressed direct mail.

Following any sale or rental listing, Joe sends personally addressed letters to every owner in the immediate area, telling them the good news, and reminding them of City Residential’s services,  with a brochure that shows he understands their frustrations and pain points.

Joe’s campaign ticks all the boxes for direct mail success

  1. Targeting. All mail is sent as addressed mail using the recipient’s name.
  2. Relevance. The information is very relevant to each recipient
  3. Repetition. Joe sends multiple mail pieces to recipients, and gets no complaints. They see his information as a service, whether it’s telling them about a recent sale or rental, or introducing updating them about his team and service.
  4. Consistency. Joe and his team committed to their direct mail program from Day 1, and have worked the program with discipline since then.
  5. Integration.  Joe combines his direct mail program with email marketing to those who are on his database

With so much competition for leads, smart businesses don’t put all their eggs in the online basket.

If you’d like to find out how to test direct mail with your target audience with a small budget – strike while the iron’s hot!

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