Are you an anti-social marketer?

Are you an anti-social marketer?

Recently I met one of our more entrepreneurial customers.

Sonya Blondinau, of Walk Like a Rockstar, is a power packed business consultant and self published author. In the last couple of months, we’ve printed her first book “Releasing the Rock Star Within”, together with a tips book, business cards and event collateral. During all of these projects, we’d emailed each other, talked on the phone, and connected on Facebook. She’s already referred several people to us (so of course we love her even more!)

Until 2 weeks ago, we’d never met. It was fantastic to finally catch up face to face. Immediately our relationship felt different – and stronger.

It got me thinking again about how businesses communicate with their communities. These days there’s a blizzard of information and messages online, and to be visible every business needs to join in. But if you think that’s all there is, you’ve probably missed the point.

Humans haven’t changed that much. We all still crave real world connections and face to face relationships. Otherwise life can be pretty lonely, especially in business.

Importantly, it’s also where the money step happens in many sales.