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Whatever the purpose, when you buy custom printed books, you need an experienced, knowledgeable book printing team working with you. Whether it’s a self published paperback, information booklet, workbook, training manual, catalogue or proposal, it’s vital to have a book printing company that has the technical expertise and processes to deliver outstanding quality, on time.

When you get a book printed with Minuteman Press, you’ll have personal project manager to guide you through every step.

Self Published Book Printing - Darren Finkelstiens book printer ExcitePrint

Why Print Books With Minuteman Press?

  • More than 15 years book printing experience
  • We’ve printed thousands of books, including a best seller on Amazon
  • Delivery Australia wide – included
  • Press Proof (delivered by Express Post) – available on request
  • Wide range of print specifications
  • Custom specifications welcome
  • Choice of binding styles including perfect bind, PUR bind, saddlestitch (stapled) and wire (spiral) bind

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