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Workbooks are an important tool for effective face to face training. Whether your business delivers training as a product, or you’re sharing information with your inhouse team, a well designed workbook will structure and reinforce your presentation, and improve recognition and recall of your content.

Printed workbooks have
several advantages, including

· Encouraging active participation in training
· Increasing focus on presentation content
· Improving retention
· Sharability
· Ensuring information is easily and efficiently accessed after your training
· Boosting the perceived value of your training. When participants receive something tangible it connects at a very different level

How to Make Your Workbook Work better for You

· Provide clear, comprehensive and well organised content
· Use eye catching cover design, and simple, practical internal page layouts that make it easy for participants to add notes in the right place
· Consider carefully your manual format. It should be easy to use on the day, and simple to access afterwards
· Include branding throughout

Popular Styles

Popular catalogue styles include:

Wirebound books

Ring binder with inserts

Stapled booklets

Perfect bound books


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