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The sound we love more than anything is our own name. So using someone’s name in your print marketing is a really powerful tool. Personalisation helps to create and strengthen the relationship between you and your customer.


Are your print materials
speaking to your customers?

Getting started in personalisation doesn’t need to be intimidating or expensive, as digital print has made it simple and affordable. There are many sophisticated tools in the marketplace – but if you don’t have a database with extensive information about your customers, you can start with something as simple as printing the recipient’s name within the message on a direct mail postcard. That could be enough to hit their hot button more effectively, as research shows even simple personalisation can increase response rates significantly.

But if you have more information about your target prospects and customers, personalisation can go much further.

Variable data

Variable data software allows you to incorporate customers name and interests within the content of your communication. If you’re a car dealer, you could include your customer’s name in the design of the front of a brochure and then mention the model and colour of the car they test drove at your showroom – and an image of that car in the correct colour.

Or if you’re a travel agent, you could include destination of the last holiday your travel agency booked for them. If you’re a vet you could include the name and a photo of the pet they brought to your surgery.

The possibilities are almost unlimited. According to an Interquest report, response rates for customised colour direct mail campaigns ranged from 6% to 75%, with an average of 21%. Response rates were on average 5.6 times higher for customised colour versions than for simple mail merge applications.

The more you individualise print, the more individuals you will inspire.


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