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Printed newsletters are alive and well. Because most businesses don’t bother to with a print version of their newsletter, yours will definitely stand out. Your competitors won’t even be in the game, because a printed newsletter gives you:

  • High perceived value
    Printed newsletters take a bit more effort, and that’s why they
    produce rewards
  • No need to avoid the spam folder
    Your print newsletter will have near 100% deliverability, and most recipients will read at least some of it
  • Staying power and memorability Printed newsletters are more comfortable to read, and more likely to be kept
  • Wow factor
    Use creative design and interesting print formats to make your newsletter
  • Sharability
    Printed newsletters get passed around!
Newsletters Printing Melbourne ExcitePrint

How to make your newsletter work for you

  • Be regular and consistent
    Monthly works best, but if you choose a longer interval, just make sure it’s predictable
  • What’s in it for me?
    Make at least 70% of your content valuable information for the reader. People will lose interest if there’s too much obvious sales content
  • Keep it interesting
    A variety of content types, including plenty of stories, case studies and interesting facts, will keep your readers tuned in
  • Personalise
    Variable data enables you to include the name of the reader on their personalised newsletter. Ask us how!

Minuteman Press’ Done For You service can also organise eye-catching newsletter design, and then packing and mailing when it’s ready to go!

Popular styles

Stapled Booklet – A4, A5 or Square
A4 folded or flat

What others did with Newsletters

Menzies Malvern is a premium retirement village in one of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs. Their monthly booklet newsletter is distributed to every resident. It contains a calendar of village activities, promotions for upcoming events, maintenance and sales updates, and useful information and stories relevant to seniors.


I have been thrilled with the excellent service and the quality product Minuteman Press has provided. You and your staff are a pleasure to work with. Delivery is on time and efficiently done. Having the journal posted out has saved a lot of time on our part and is a great help. The production is top class and a number of our members comment how good it is. Some of the articles in the journal are now peer reviewed and the journal is very well respected.

John Drury
Journal of The Latrobe Society

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