Crystal Clear Brochure

5 Must Haves for a Brochure that Drives Profits

Brochures cost money. If they don’t result in more leads and more sales they are just a business cost, without a benefit. How can you create brochures and flyers that make buying from your business irresistible? Before you do any detailed work on content, or consider the print format of your brochure, there are 5…

cmyk ink and print colours

Why on screen colours look different from print

Many people assume when they create files for print, or check a proof from their designer, that the colours they see on screen will print pretty much as they see them on screen. Wrong! It’s frustrating. There’s so much technical jargon around printing, and setting up files incorrectly can risk a result that’s a long…

Print mistakes

3 Top Print Buying Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

  When you buy printing, it’s usually important. Most print collateral is vital either to promote sales, or an essential part of delivering your product or service.
 Making informed choices is really important, but navigating the options can be a minefield.
 Often we seem to be comparing apples with oranges, and ending up buying a…

Tradeshow Marketing - ExcitePrint

6 Secrets to Profitable Trade Show Exhibiting

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, you know how expensive it is to have even a small presence. So it’s important to plan ahead to get the best return on your investment. Trade shows can be an excellent way to get your brand, products, and services in direct touch with your ideal clients. However,…

Catalogue Printers Melbourne - ExcitePrint

Could this retro marketing tool work for your business?

Catalogues are like window shopping – people enjoy looking through them, even if they’re not looking to buy right now. While online catalogue information might be great for people searching for specific products or services, printed catalogues are much better for browsing. Statistics Show That Marketing Through Catalogues Works Survey after survey has found that…