9 Expert Tips to Empower Your Brochures

9 Expert Tips to Empower Your Brochures

Brochures, how often do you receive a good one?

Let’s face it most brochures printed today are of poor quality and design. Ask yourself this, when you receive a booklet of this nature, what do you do with it?

Do you have a quick look and then drop it in the nearest bin?

Most of us do, and that’s not what the brochure reader wants, nor what you as a business owner desire.

The only reason this happens is because the business owner didn’t speak to professionals and neglected to get their new material set up for success.

When every marketing channel is designed to generate a result and get you a return on investment your business thrives. Your brochures are one of the channels that complement your presentations, enhance the memory of a meeting and ultimately help you or your team get the deal.

In this post, we share with you some great printed brochure and booklet designs that will help inspire your creativity.


Brochure Design Tips:

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  1. Be On Trend – Mobile web design is having an influence in current print design – the use of large headers, lots of white space, and typography choices.
  2. Make It Easy – Infographics can tell a story through imagery to help your brochures become more compelling and easier to read.
  3. Be Image Driven – Utilise powerful image-driven design to enable your brochure, booklet or flyer to stand out and continue working for you long after you have left it with your client or prospect.
  4. Image Choice – Choose your images carefully, try not to be too clever but stay in alignment with your business and the clients you wish to attract.
  5. Eye Catching – By maximising eye-catching design elements your brochure marketing will generate more business and a higher return on investment.
  6. Engage The Reader – Tell your story and tell it well. We love marketing that takes us on a journey. Steve Jobs was famous for his presentations with big fonts and images that really told a story, engaged the audience and got them wanting to know more.

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Conversion Tips:

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  1. Less Is More – Telling your story with large headers, relevant imagery and concise text forces you to get to the point, which improves readability and understanding.
  2. Crystal Clear Communication – Clear communication gives your reader a sense of truth, of knowing who you are and what your business stands for. It helps build rapport faster, which is essential when you are entrusting a brochure to continue your good work.
  3. Calls To Action – We see it time and again where the only call to action is on the back in tiny writing. Use a whole page or have one on every page, craft your offer and make the call to action clear. Use commands rather than weak statements like “if you want…”


Your brochures don’t have to do the sell for you but they should compel your reader to take the next step. It could be a beautifully crafted annual report that leaves them wanting to be a member for another year or a simple flyer that motivates the reader wanting to call your business to solve their problem.

Whatever you want your brochures to do for you, your team, clients or business the difference between getting this right and getting it wrong can mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue or profit.

Get your new brochures working harder for you, ask our team today about upgrading quality, style and effectiveness.