Killer Business Card Mistakes

Killer Business Card Mistakes

From press to rubbish bin in 5 easy steps

A business card is probably the cheapest item in most print budgets. For many startups it’s the first thing they print.

Creatively designed and produced, business cards can be a powerful creator of first impressions, and generator of traffic to your website, phone or office.

However, it seems many people are hell bent on eliminating any chance that their business card could be a useful tool in their business.

If you want to ensure your business card goes straight to the bin, here are 5 very efficient ways to make sure that happens

  1. Make it boring

    You won’t want your card to attention or comment when you hand it over, or stand out in a stack of others’ card. If you use a template it’s highly likely your card will be just like someone else’s. Definitely avoid getting any professional design input, and resist the urget to include anything but basic content. Let’s face it, if there’s only your logo and contact details it should be instantly forgettable.

  2. Keep the specification standard, and leave the back blank

    After all, it costs a bit more to print on both sides – what’s the point? You can squeeze your logo and details onto the front. What more could you possibly need? And as for those cards that are odd sizes or shapes or folded – who could be bothered with that?

  3. Don’t waste money on anything fancy

    Why spend up big when you don’t even know if you’re going to sell to that person? Most people won’t even notice the flimsy card, or unclear and inconsistent print, because they’re not going to read it anyway. And who cares if they think you’re just dabbling in business? You know better.

  4. Avoid any information about what you do

    Keep things mysterious. Why on earth would you make work for yourself by explaining anything about your business, or giving a reason to contact you again? Or visit your website to download that ebook you’ve just created? Or take up that time limited offer on your newest product?

  5. Give them out very selectively

    Think about it. How much did you pay for that card? 30c, 50c, maybe even $1. The person you’re speaking to couldn’t possibly be worth investing that much, could they? Better to keep them in the drawer where you won’t be wasting them unless you’re absolutely sure.

Hopefully these five killer mistakes will get you thinking about what you want from your business card. Remember, first impressions count. Your business card might the first chance to show what you’re made of, and encourage the next step towards a sale.